Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just a quick snippet

I had an after-thought about the last post I had made about our beloved uncle who landed on Manhattan island via rowboat to start a prosperous life.

One of my key questions was to why the Emergency Immigration Act of 1921 was even implemented, whereas Immigration was increasing the population to unprecedented levels globally. I gave it a little thought and may have a reason as to why the act was passed.

When Ellis Island and all immigration ports were opened for the New World, particularlly popular in the early 1900's or the turn of the century, the general aspect was to receive a wide range of immigrants with different working and living backgrounds. Particular to the Italians, the American Government had actually expected a large percentage of the arriving Italian immigrants to become involved in Agriculture among the nation and stimulate the farming goods industries, providing more foodstuffs for the rest of the nation, becoming much of a breadbasket. They had expected such a lifestyle from most Italians because said Italians had mostly grown up in a agricultural environment, shoot, even my grandfather's family comes from a farm. This misconception lead to the welcoming gesture to many eastern and southern European countries, but in truth, the typical immigrant settled right in the city because they were generally unfamiliar with the territories around them. Needing to make ends meet, most found cheaper rents in the smaller and more slum-like areas of Manhattan.

That's just opinionated, but it sounds reasonable as to why the Government would clamp such a restriction upon immigration. What do you guys think?


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