Friday, September 23, 2011

Some Pasta!

So I really don't have a "Timeline" topic as I'll call them, but I'll just let you guys in a little nip of our cuisine.

Pasta makes up a large portion of the Italian diet, among many things. It's also relatively cheap and easy to cook and/or create delicious meals from. It's a very flexible food with hundreds of combinations when it comes to sauces, additives, spices, makes, shapes, sizes, cooking styles, and much more.

Making pasta is, well, sort of a pain. I won't go too in-depth or in detail, but it involves loads of paitence and time, along with lots of space for drying longer strands.

Personally, and according to my family, Barilla is the most excellent brand if you are not willing to spend hours laboring over making your own pasta. It's the typical blue-box pasta that's found in many types of shapes. My personal favorite must be the rigatoni, mmh, slap a little marinara and you're good to go!

Here's a picture of Rigatoni. Infact now that I've seen the picture I am starting to get hungry!



This Guy said...

very awesome! So, when's dinner?

Agustin Slater said...

That tasty,good post

Anonymous said...

great man looks tasty

John said...

looks so good. you are making me hungry :(

gog said...

yes, hungry

Anonymous said...

I love pasta, that picture looks delicious.

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