Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Look!

Hey guys, what's going on? Sorry for the delayed post, I haven't been really able to post as much recently as I just took a couple test in school. Studying tends to overwhelm me, especially at night.

I just wanted to post a quick notice to people who haven't seen the new look on the site, check it out! It's based off another HTML I found elsewhere with many tweaks here and there, links added and all good to go. I hope you guys like it!

Hopefully within the next coming days I can post more. I should be off of school for the rest of the week starting at 12pm tomorrow. (Yay!)

If you haven't followed my blog, nows the time! Just click the "Join This Site" button under "Followers"

Checked out my Twitter yet? No? You can click the button in the top right hand corner, and bam, you're there!



ZIane said...

Wow, you changed your blog's desing. Keep the good work

DesoWave said...

Looks spiffy.

Publius said...

I look the new look and the football pics... ESPANA and Real Madrid are the best! ;)

DWei said...

Looks pretty and good and rather professional.

Scienide said...

Just to let you know to appreciate school, because university is 10 times worse (time-wise).

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